Monday, 11 May 2009

Song for my mother..i love u mom..

after this love
What does she does all of this deserve
After this love, what
She who gives affection like this without asking for anything in return
We kiss the ground she walks upon

My mother, and then, my mother
To the last day of my life
Love from the first moment of my life
And her concern is mine
She who's goodness is bountiful
Her goodness melted into my blood and I live with it

After the mother what else is there?
With a sweet call opening the locked gate

After the mother what else is there?
She calms your mind when it is struggling
And shows you the whole world is open to you and satisfies you

I give a representation of her
Her heart is unimaginably good
I give a representation of her
She who stayed up late and tired and raised me and carried a mountain

You start a hundred thousands celebrations in me
Who in my exhaustion stayed up and did not sleep
Who supported me the first time I walked

After what you've done what can I do?
The day you brought me into this world
AFter what you've done
From your sympathy from your forgiveness
Heaven is beneath you
This what our lord said (it's in the Quran)

I love you my mother
Til the very last day of my life